Interesting Extracts from the 1997 Programme

In 1997 at the First South African Masters Games, the sport codes gave the following history on their sport.

ARCHERY: Most senior master participant – Jan Jacobs 76 years old.
ATHLETICS: World Veteran Athletics Championships are held at two year intervals beginning from 1975 in Toronto. In 1997 the host city was Durban.
BASEBALL: The SA Masters Baseball Association (SAMBA) was formally established at a provincial tournament arranged at the Pretoria Technikon in July 1993... Steve Burrage from the Eastern Transvaal took the initiative and was the founding figure of SAMBA.
BODYBUILDING: The first competition took place in 1903 as the ‘’most perfectly developed man in America”. It was held in Madison Square Gardens with a prize of $1000(a small fortune back then). Bodybuilding has since grown but is still enjoyed as a recreational sport world over by millions in gyms and garages.
CANOEING: The South African Canoeing Federation came into being directly as a result of the Pietermaritzburg to Durban Canoe Marathon-now the Dusi. A decision to form a national canoe union was made the day before the 1954 race.
CROQUET: Founded in 1906.
CYCLING: The Veterans Cycling Association was founded 25 years ago. Most senior Master participant Jan de Cleroq – 64 years of age.
DARTS: Darts has been organised in this country since 1957. The World Darts Federation was formed in 1977 and their first president was the late Shun David from South Africa.
FENCING: While fencing has been an active sport in South Africa for at least 50 years the Masters Section is relatively young.
LADIES GOLF: National Senior Ladies Golf was founded in 1994 and has an annual tournament hosted by each province in rotation. Most senior master Jean Bax.
GYMKHANA: SA Masters Gymkhana Union had its first championships in Bloemfontein in 1987 and ever since, during August. The oldest rider is Senator Jannie Mohl who is 77 years of age.
JUKSKEI: Jukskei originated in the Cape, South Africa around 1734. Transport drivers played this social game as a past time on their journeys. The first organised game was played on 4 November 1939 and in 1940 the SA Jukskei Board was established.
JUDO: Oldest active member is Nobby Clark who is still an active instructor at the age of 72. Nobby started Judo in 1949.
LIFESAVING: In 1961 SA Lifesaving took over the teaching and certifying of lifesaving techniques from the Royal Life Saving Society. Most senior masters – George Moolman – 65 years of age and Barbara Pearce – 59 years of age.
NETBALL: The game was founded in America in 1892 specifically designed for woman by a man, Professor Naismith, from where it spread to all the corners of the globe. SA Womans Netball Association was established in 1951 as a national body.
ORIENTEERING: Orienteering is a competitive sport involving navigation through veld or forest round a series of checkpoints using a map and a compass.
POLOCROSSE: Polocrosse was introduced to Durban Riding Club at Kingspark in 1949 by Britain.
POWERLIFTING: The South African Powerlifting Federation is the official Powerlifting body in South Africa. There are three disciplines that make up the sport, namely the squat, the bench press and the dead lift.
ROWING: Most senior Master – Ernest Gearing – 84 years of age.
SOFTBALL: The Golden Oldies was introduced by having a fun game in 1984. This proved to be so popular that it became an annual event played by every province, including Zimbabwe and Namibia. Most senior master: Charlotte Basson – 61 years of age.
SWIMMING: The inaugural general meeting of South African Masters Swimming was held in Durban on 27 April 1985. South African Masters Swimming is well established and we will continue to promote Fitness, Fellowship and Fun in swimming for the over 25s.
SOCCER: The Masters or Vets Football(Soccer) has come a long way in South Africa. The sport at this level was never disciplined and organized into any format or association as in other Masters Sports. The masters/vets Soccer is comprised mostly of ex-professional players from the N.P.S.L., N.F.L. and other leagues from years gone by.
TENNIQUOITS: Ringtennis has been played as an organised sport in South Africa since the 1950’s. The SA Ringtennis Board was established in 1959. Most Senior Masters: Ina van Biljon (57), Kobus Craig (54).
WRESTLING: One can only guess how old wrestling is, but it has along with running been around for as long as there were people. In the days of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, wrestling was already a highly developed sport. With the introduction of the Modern Olympic Games in 1896, wrestling was included as one of the most important items.